Leila Keldibekova

Leila Keldibekova

Leila Keldibekova

“More and more citizens are involved in providing charitable aid nowadays, people take these initiatives themselves, but the process is chaotic, people don’t know where to turn. It is very difficult to control this format of providing assistance, since it is not always possible to see the results and control how money were spent. And when such Foundations are created, people at least understand where all the money is going to and see the result.

As for me, I am doing small things like raising my children and creating opportunities for the development of our kindergarten children. I want to give them a decent education so that they grow up successful and happy. From people I expect kind attitude and understanding to everything around me, therefore the phrase of Aitmatov “The most difficult thing for a person is to always stay a human being” is very close to me. 
In my life I am guided by the principle of either “good” or “no way” and that makes me do my job better. "No way” does not satisfy me.

My dream is that all children are healthy and live in the families!” 

Leila Keldibekova graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with a degree in law, and later she obtained  degree in Business Administration from the Academy of Management under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.
She worked in the NGO sector for several years. She started her career in the commercial sector as a business coach in the Training and Consulting Center, later she was a Training and Development Manager for staff / Training Manager at Alfa Telecom (MegaCom). In 2011-2012 she held a position of Leading Specialist in Organizational Development at Sky Mobile (Beeline). In 2012-2013 she was appointed as an Executive Director / Director of Human Resources at LightFields Management. Since 2013 she has been Founding Director of the Children's Education Center “DINO”. She is also a member of the Union of Hiking Tourism of Kyrgyzstan and the Association of Children's Educational .

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