PUBLIC FOUNDATION "APAKE' is a professional non-profit organization that provides stability, long-term and scale of socially significant projects, guarantees transparency and targeted use of funds, is an example for mobilization civil and business communities. We promote and show in reality the model of social entrepreneurship development and help to improve social vitality of the communities in our country.

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We thank "M Bulak". This is a progressive and successful team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of microcredit and the General partner of "Apake". 

Логотип Компании М Булак


Our foundation chose the name "Apake " (in the translation from the Kyrgyz language means  "mommy ") not by chance. The mother's image is unique to any person, regardless of nationality or faith. Mother gives life and it is always an image of nursing and child protection, a source of noble values and unchanged empathize for all the disadvantaged and needy. The mother’s heart like the sun shines always and everywhere, warming us. It is the mother who teaches us love and compassion, awakens the feeling of child happiness, inspires us to good deeds. She is our best friend and wise counselor. Mother is our guardian angel. These defining qualities of the mother’s soul lay in generations a spiritual and moral basis. It is mother who plays an important role in the parenting of a patriot and a decent citizen of the country, aimed at improving the society in which we live, to strengthen national identity, unity and dignity.


By 2022, APAKE will be No. 1 Public Foundation in Kyrgyzstan, the flagship for the development of social entrepreneurship and a professional partner in implementing local social initiatives of citizens of Kyrgyzstan. The Foundation's social projects are stable, effective and capable of independent development for the benefit of residents of all regions of the country. Automated reporting of the Foundation is the most successful Central Asian example of a simple, convenient and inspiring collection of donations from anywhere in the world and a sample of the transparent distribution of collected funds.


Apake Foundation has developed a logo concept that displays multiple images:

- The image of the Mother, hugging and protecting with her hands;

-Silhouette of swaddled baby

- The element of not blooming flower bud, as a symbol of integrity.

The shape of the logo is a circle. Arrangement in a circle symbolizes unity and infinity. Also in a circular arrangement, the symbols resemble the shape of a flower, symbolizing beauty.

"Tunduk" in the Foundation’s logo symbolizes the unity of the people living in the country and the symbol of the father’s house in the broad sense of this expression, and the world as a universe.

Different colors of silhouettes symbolize diversity and multinationality, as well as a great number of activities of the Foundation.

Пожертвование на социальные проекты




The Foundation received as a gift from the author of the music and lyrics, Chyngyz Aliyev, the Anthem "Apake". Our Kyrgyz Star musicians and singers, with pleasure, absolutely free of charge, sang our Anthem, thus presented a wonderful creative gift for the Foundation: Zhiydesh Idrisova, Ayim Aiylchiyeva, Kairat Primberdiev, Mirbek Atabekov, Bayastan, Maxim Poletaev, arranger Ernest Jooshev, instrumental accompaniment from Maria Naumova - thank you very much for the wonderful performance of our Anthem and for your contribution to the image development of Apake Foundation!