How to donate

Для пожертвования кликните на логотип карты

Также Вы можете осуществить прямой перевод на наши карты:

  • Optima Bank / Visa: 4169 6151 8651 8050
  • DosCredoBank / Элкарт: 9417 2070 5951 2938

The donation is not the only way to help. You can learn other option.

Be a Partner of the Foundation

You can offer your goods and services from yourself or from your organization, taking into account the non-commercial nature of the Foundation. We will be happy to cooperate with you in the development of the infrastructure, such as the creation of PR tools, external communication channels in the media and television, photo and video services, printing services, graphic, web design and programming and other works and services.

Be a Friend of the Foundation

You can hold a charity event in any environment, at a meeting of friends, among your colleagues in the company. We will teach you how to combine business with pleasure - you will learn how to raise funds for projects and feel involved in a great social work.

Participate in the promotion of the Foundation

You can become a voluntary messenger of the Foundation by putting "like" and "share" our news on social networks on their pages. Your positive comments and feedback, the expansion of social media marketing will be a great part of strengthening the Foundation's positive image in social networks.

Participate in the Foundation's actions

You can participate in a charity event, buying your favorite products or entrance tickets to the event. Your organization may hold shares in favor of the Foundation. Such cooperation could be discounts from the sale of goods, tickets or services of the company. The Foundation allows you to use its name and logo to tell your clients about u but any actions must be agreed by us in advance.


The Foundation implements social projects of different directions and scale. You can make a gift in the form of intellectual and tangible assets that are necessary for the implementation of projects such as architectural design, budget calculations for the project, construction, repair, automation and other highly specialized work.

Become an independent Donor

The Foundation allocates small grants for projects that it deems most relevant. You can finance projects that have not been selected and are not included in the "short list" of small grants and become an independent donor for them. We will teach you how to organize this work.

Place a banner

You can always place our banner on your website, social page and spread information about our projects and ways of assistance.

Become a volunteer

A volunteer devotes part of his free time to helping others free of charge. This assistance can be direct (to participate in the implementation of the projects) or indirect (you can be a volunteer in data collection for analysis, monitoring and research, volunteer-driver, etc.). We are waiting for you!

"box of goodness"

We have a "box of goodness" in our office and everyone can leave a donation there. We register each of your donation in Finance report and use for the implementation of the statutory purposes of the Foundation. 

Marathon for Arruzat! From 23 February to 18 March 2021.

Платежные реквизиты для пожертвований:

Эл.кошельки Элсом/МОЙ О!
В разделе «Благотворительность» выбрать «ОФ Апаке» и перевести желаемую сумму. Окно «лицевой счет» в Элсом– это номер телефона дарителя, для идентификации.

Платежные Терминалы Umai/Dos Credobank/Оңой:
В разделе «Другие услуги» выбрать «Благотворительность», далее «ОФ Апаке», перевести желаемую сумму, введя ваш номер телефона.

Бизнес карта «Элкарт» - 9417 2070 5951 2938

Бизнес карта «Оптима24» - 4169 6151 8651 8050 (О.Фонд Апаке. Для других банков: получатель - Altynay Kozubekova)

Банковский счёт ОФ Апаке:
1280016037702903 - KICB (KGS)
1180000087356386 - Demir Bank (KGS)
1091805278810115 - Optima Bank (KGS)

Интернет эквайринг Картой Visa или Элкарт: на сайте

Валюта получаемого перевода: Рубли (RUB)
Номер счёта: 40817810038124053004
Банк получателя: ПАО СБЕРБАНК
БИК: 044525225
Корр. счёт: 30101810400000000225
ИНН: 7707083893
КПП: 773643001

Реквизиты для мультивалют в банке ОПТИМА:
USD Для зачисления в долларах США
The Bank of New York Mellon,
New York, USA
Account: 8900057610
Moscow, Russia,
A/c: 30111840700000000415
Optima Bank OJSC, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Общественный фонд "Апаке", 1091805278810115 purpose of payment (for what, contract #, date)

KZT Для зачисления в казахстанcких ТЕНГЕ
г. Алматы, Казахстан
БИН 951140000151
ИИК KZ87125KZT1001300216
в РГУ «Национальный Банк Республики Казахстан» (БИК NBRKKZKX)
:57A BENEFICIARY BANK: Сч. № KZ72826A0KZTN1000030
БИН: 150650000878
ОАО “Оптима Банк”,
г. Бишкек, Кыргызская Республика, SWIFT: ENEJKG22
:59 BENEFICIARY: Общественный фонд "Апаке", 1091805278810115
:70 DETAILS OF PAYMENT: Назначение платежа (за что, номер инвойса, контракта, дата)
Обязательно указать KНП (код назначения платежа)

RUB Для зачисления в российских РУБЛЯХ


г. Москва, Россия


БИК 044525225, ИНН 7707083893

К/счет № 30101810400000000225 в ГУ Банка России по ЦФО

:57A BENEFICIARY BANK: Сч. № 30111810400000000415

ОАО “Оптима Банк”,

г. Бишкек, Кыргызская Республика, SWIFT: ENEJKG22

:59 BENEFICIARY: Общественный фонд "Апаке", 1091805278810115 и адрес (г.Бишкек, ул.Турусбекова, д.13)

:70 DETAILS OF PAYMENT: Назначение платежа (за что, номер контракта, дата)

Обязательно указать VO (код вида валютной операции)

About crowdfunding

All our social projects are sponsored by donations from you, dear citizens and the business community! To ensure the transparency of your donations, we  have organized an automated collection of donations and we have used modern technology of cashless payment systems. Our achievements are confirmed not only by successful projects, but also by an open crowdfunding platform equipped with an electronic system for collecting donations and online reporting.

So you could:

  1. Choose a donation method convenient for you from the ones proposed above,
  2. Write your phone number or name for reporting,
  3. Indicate the project you want to support,
  4. And make all possible assistance to improve the social life of our citizens.

All your donations are displayed on the site, in compliance with personal data!



Some payment system providers charge a transaction fee!