Victoria Yurtaeva

Victoria Yurtaeva

Victoria Yurtaeva

"I want to be a member of the Foundation because its activities involve issues of culture and education, and these are areas close to me and I am aware of their problems and have ideas on how to resolve them.

I believe that the existence of such Foundation is extremely important even at the level of idea which is to unite fair-minded people in one direction at the times when we observe disunity at all social levels. This idea can and should give good results.

I love to quote Osho: "dedicate life to the beautiful. Do not dedicate it to something disgusting. You do not have much time, not much energy to waste it. It is just foolish to spend this short life, such a small source of energy, on anger, sadness, hatred and jealousy."

Victoria Yurtaeva - Founder and President of the Public Foundation “Prima”. Author, inspirer and organizer of the festival of classical music in the open air TENGRI music. Vocal ensemble instructor, accompanist. Winner and diplomat of national and international competitions, international festivals and master classes ("Young Talents”, Kyrgyzstan; “Ainalai", Kazakhstan; “New Names", Suzdal, Russia).

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