Almakhan Musaeva

Almakhan Musaeva

Almakhan Musaeva

"I joined the Supervisory Board of the Apake Foundation because I believe that nowadays such funds solve urgent problems more efficiently than the State. The state is a huge institution that due to its size cannot quickly respond to all problems of society. Therefore, our society urgently needs effective institutions, which for sure this fund will be. Such associations of people may not solve problems globally, but we have to start with small steps.

In my case, I manage the Evrika Educational Complex (school / kindergarten) in Osh. In my life my credo is that  any failure is an incentive to think over my mistakes and further development. I think that in order to have the right to be an example for others and to teach them, one must constantly learn. At work various situations come across that to a certain extent get in the way of development, and such moments push me to search for new solutions and ways for growth.

The Foundation is the next stage. Here I want to share experience and provide all possible assistance I could offer in the implementation of its noble goals.

Almakhan Musaeva graduated from the Osh State Pedagogical Institute in 1992. She has also Law degree from the Kyrgyz State National University. named after J. Balasagyn.
In 2002 - 2003 she worked as a director of the legal agency "Analytic".
She also worked as a private notary in 2003-2011.
In 2011-2012 Almakhan worked as a lawyer in the Danish Refugee Council.
From August 2013 to the present she is the Director of the Evrika Educational Complex (school / kindergarten) in Osh.


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