Altynay Kozubekova

Altynay Kozubekova

Altynay Kozubekova

"I myself suggested my participation in the work of the Foundation after communicating with Babur Tolbayev in social networks about how I see the work of a charitable foundation. I had an idea related to women's health prevention. Thoughts to work in charity in the medical field came to me long before this communication. My previous professional experience in the system of higher medical education as well as my personal history with oncology inspired me to act in this direction. There are often cases of overdiagnosis like unjustified surgical interventions, charlatanism and dishonesty of individual physicians. At the same time, unfortunately, we must recognize the limitations of medical knowledge by the patients themselves who do not have a clue how to act against "verdict" of doctors, how to find alternative solutions, etc.

The proposal of Babur Tolbaev to take position of the Executive Director of the Foundation was a surprise to me. I accepted this proposal with great honor, and I hope to justify the shown trust. 
Most recently, I made a dream to save many cancer patients i.e. update the technical equipment of the country's oncology clinics. And now I find out about the intention of the Foundation to organize the establishment of a linear accelerator in the country! My material contribution to this dream was a “drop”, but the dream itself was huge!

I share the statement of Confucius: "Life experience is a flashlight on the back that illuminates the path we have already traveled." In my life I am confident that the new world will require new efforts, knowledge and actions, at the same time I am ready to “light the way for others with my flashlight!”
Altynai Kozubekova has two higher educations, both of them are red diplomas of the Kyrgyz State National University. The first diploma is in French linguistics. Studying the example of French culture, foreign literature and history, acquiring in-depth skills of French speech, reading foreign classics in the original, she developed a special attitude to art and a creative approach to any business. The second diploma is in Law. Working with foreign students required to learn the basics of private international law, to acquire the skills of legal interpretation of industrial situations. The direction of HR became the subject of interest to Altynai in the early 2000s, as a relatively new area in the organizational management in the Kyrgyz Republic, where knowledge of labor legislation was also necessary. Thus, in the course of her business life, she acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills that helped her in HR management and coaching.

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