Rano Babadjanova

Rano Babadjanova

Rano Babadjanova 

"I agreed to join Supervisory Board of Apake Foundation for many reasons. Firstly, I like the way its initiator Babur Tolbaev thinks and develops as well as his plans and actions. All his activities along with life principles are trustworthy. 

Secondly, this topic affects mothers, people with disabilities, socially unprotected children. We often forget about the main thing - a healthy society and the country can be raised only thanks to our mothers. But they do not have proper support. The value of mother in society is great and priceless, she is the source that must be protected and supported.

It does not matter in which field a person works, whether it will be restaurant business, banking or sewing, all goals must go for good and benefit the society.

For example, if we consider my business, I really want to open out  and present profession of a cook in a new way. In our usual sense, this is not a profession of the same level as others that are considered to be more prestigious. It must be admitted that in general young people reluctantly go into this profession, thinking that it is impossible to achieve certain heights in this profession. But believe me this profession is worthy of attention! A well-known fact is that a person eats in average 2 to 5 times a day. The man ate, eats and will continue to do so. And there are people who feed people. And that is why development in this direction has very good prospects. Besides, this profession is well-paid, and I’m sure that the popularization of this profession, the right attitude to food and healthy nutrition in general is needed.

I am a person who is eager to learn. I believe that thanks to knowledge a person achieves a lot. Islam also helps me in this matter, because faith is one of the main components of success for each person.”

Rano Babadzhanova is the restaurateur, the owner of a network of large restaurants in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

She created the first guild of cooks in Kyrgyzstan. Rano has a specialty in «Accounting in banks”. She received additional education in Moscow: in the area of restaurant management, kitchen management, local marketing (Restteam company), and also attended such courses as "Head Power Amplifier", "Effective Financial Management, Active Sales Department" "(ATManagement Group).

From 2009 to the present Rano is the General Director of the restaurant chain “KAYNAR GROUP”: Tyubeteyka, Barashek, KAYNAR, FRUNZE.

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