Babur Tolbaev

Babur Tolbaev

Babur Tolbaev 

"I receive a lot of requests for help. I want to help everybody and everyone, but I understand that this is simply impossible. Therefore, I decided to comprehensively approach the solution of the problem and initiated the creation of this Foundation. I want every person to learn to give a part of their income to help others. This will develop the right values ​​in society.

This Foundation is necessary because women, mothers are the most active, the most invaluable, and unfortunately the most vulnerable part of the society. Mothers move the world. Mothers move the country. Mothers are our beginning, our inspiration.

I always say that God will not change the position of people until they change themselves. With the help and blessing of higher powers, we create our own history. A person should be able to take responsibility for his life".

Babur Tolbaev is a well-known head of  "M Bulak" microfinance holding, a social entrepreneur, a popular business coach, and a public figure.

He graduated from Stonier Graduate School of Banking (three-year program of Association of American Bankers). He also holds Law degree and English language degree from Osh State University (Kyrgyzstan) and professional certificates in leadership and negotiation (Momentum program of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA) and Microfinance Leadership (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA). Mr. Tolbaev actively participates in social impact projects of Mol Bulak Finance, paying particular attention to creating opportunities for education and development of children and youth. He serves on boards of several community development and educational institutions and mentors young entrepreneurs and activists. The recipient of the state award "Dank", presented by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev in 2017. The Fund’s establishment was inspired and initiated by Babur.

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