To propose a project

Dear applicant!

With this application, you can submit your idea to the Public Foundation "Apake" for implementation of project! Before you submit an application, please read the "Selection procedure and implementation of social projects". Your participation in the Contest means that you agree with the terms and conditions of the Contest!

You can also download the application form, fill it out by hand and send it to

Enter your full name

Your actual residential address

Enter your education (subject to availability)

Enter the name of the institution, your specialty (subject to availability)

General information about place of work/type of activity, position

Contact number (whats up, if available)

Passport number

Issuing authority

Specify what product/result will be after project implementation

Describe how you plan to support the project after funding ends. Specify which resources can be attracted, who can continue to support the positive social impact of the project after project closure.

Indicate the address, where the project will be implemented

Duration of the project

The amount of finance requested

What is included in the specified project cost?

What is the coverage of population/residents/users who will benefit from the implementation of this project?

List the reasons that prevent the implementation of the project (except financial)

Indicate your willingness to be a Beneficiary, to sign a contract and fulfill contractual obligations to implement and report on the intend use of received funds

Who among the people of your community (project team) is ready to be a Beneficiary, to sign and fulfill contractual obligations for the implementation of the project.

How do You or other participant help in the implementation of project?

indicate the source

The applicant declares with full responsibility that all data indicated by him in this application and in the attached documents are accurate and complete. Our Foundation informs the Applicant that providing erroneous information will be a reason for denials in processing application or canceling the project. The Applicant is familiar and agrees with procedure of participation in the contest.

The applicant agrees to further analysis of the proposed idea/project. The applicant does not object to visits of PF "Apake" representatives, places of implementation of the idea/project and is ready to provide all necessary additional information.

PF "Apake" reserves the right to appeal to any person, known or unknown Applicants, including the right to request information about the Applicant, as well as the right to provide information from other source, which, according to PF "Apake", can assist in taking a decision, on the provision or non-provision of funding ideas/projects to the Applicant. PF "Apake" guarantees that all information provided by the Applicant, will be used strictly confidential and only for making decisions on the substance of this application.