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"Family for everyone"

"Family for everyone"

"Family for everyone" is a new social project

We are pleased to announce that our Foundation is actively assisting in the implementation of the social project "Family for everyone".

The project is focused on parents who are ready in all respects to accept another child as their own, give their family name, share and protect the rights and interests of the child as their blood relative.

Project goal: 

The social project "Family for everyone" aims to ensure that children find families, and participants of project adopt children.

The project will allow parents to understand the physical, emotional; psychological; legal aspects of this issue.


1. Individual consultations for those who wish to take the child into their family, and those who are already adoptive;

2. Training about psychologycal system of orphans;

3. Preparation of individual recommendations for parents at the time of the training;

4. Advices in the adoption process;

5. Medical examination of orphans, after selection with adoptive parents;

6. Organization of the Adoptive Parents Club after the adoption of children in families.

To whom it will be useful:

Families wishing to adopt a child;

Families who have already adopted or taken care of children;

Families with adopted children in a crisis situation.

Become a member of our project, make your life happier and bring happiness to at least one child!

Trainings will be held in Osh city

Apply by May 31,  tel: +996 (550) 994 991