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School in Talas region has no heating

School in Talas region has no heating

About Beneficiary

Apake Foundation received an application form from S. Soburov incomplete secondary school. The school is located in Ozgorush village, Bakai-Ata district, Talas region. At first it was a small village school for a couple of classes. A few years ago, a new room for teaching children was attached to the school. Today about 300 rural children study at this school. Unfortunately, the school did not have enough money to build a boiler room, in this regard, the building was without heating.

About Application

When we arrived at the place, it turned out that in addition to the lack of heating, the school has no basic hygiene conditions, no toilet and washbasins. We decided to revise the cost estimate and included in the application the construction of a room for a public courtyard toilet and attach a hallway with washbasins for washing children’s hands.

The total cost of the application is 250,000 soms.


We thank our partner, Mol Bulak company, managers from the Talas region Zulkhar Zhunusov and Rabil Jeenbekov for their active assistance in the implementation of this project. Thanks to our sponsors for charity!

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