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Partnership with the Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind

Partnership with the Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind

At the beginning of November 2021, the Para Duathlon World Championship was held in Spain, where a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, multiple international champion, para duathlon athlete Zhalaldin Abduvaliev and his leader Nurshat Ababakirov were invited, who defended the honor of our country. Zhalaldin became the first blind athlete who represented our country at the World Championships and won a Silver medal.

“A modest dream to show by my own example life, how beautiful it can be, led me to Spain. The trip is not easy, but silver. World Championship in duathlon among the blind.
Daily workouts, fighting with yourself. A few years ago already at this place I would have been too lazy to even listen to it. You can be silent about fear. But thank God, this happy story! And having taken that very decisive step towards the sport, day after day, I became closer to the goal. Of course, a whole team worked with me. And this is our victory! I am grateful to everyone who walked side by side with me, supporting and inspiring.

Our foundation sponsored the travel expenses for the blind athlete and his companion.

The cost of sponsorship for the first World Championship is 105,322 soms.


In August 2022, Zhalaldin Abduvaliev again accepted the sports challenge and became a participant in the Para Triathlon World Championship for a long distance in Slovakia. In this difficult race - 2 kilometers of swimming, 80 kilometers of cycling and 18 kilometers of running, for a total of 100 kilometers of distance, thanks to personal perseverance, worthy escort Myrzabek Orumbaev, Jalaldin became the World Champion among blind athletes_2022.

Our foundation funded travel expenses for a blind athlete and his companion.

The cost of sponsorship for the second World Championship is 160,000 soms.

The total amount of sponsorship is 265,322 soms.

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