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Wellness holiday for doctors in Kyrgyzstan

Wellness holiday for doctors in Kyrgyzstan

Rehabilitation Program for KGMA Medical Staff

To restore the physical and emotional well-being of doctors, nurses, orderlies, medical attendants, residents, and students of KGMA who risked their health while saving patients, we organized a free rehabilitation retreat on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. Thanks to the hospitality of the Children's Recreational Complex "Barchy," participants enjoyed nature and received a boost of motivational emotions from seminars by the Mentorship School led by Babur Tolbaev.

About the Budget

The total cost for organizing the retreat was 354,300 soms. A total of 242 individuals benefited from this initiative.

The first group of 49 people has already rested and returned in a good mood. The second group of 53 doctors, residents, students and graduates of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy went to the coast of the children's health complex "Barchyn".

The program of this health-improving project includes Tolbaev Mentorship School, where Babur Tolbaev will conduct a one-day motivational seminar for participants working under conditions of constant stress and threats to the health of patients and their own lives.

This project came about thanks to the donation of 1 million soms from Nurbek Aibashov, the founder of the "Amanat film" film company.

We thank Nurbek and all our donors for their trust and involvement in good deeds for Kyrgyzstan!


Media Publications

You can watch the video about this project HERE!