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"Start to change your life!". The new social project of "Apake" Foundation

"Start to change your life!". The new social project of "Apake" Foundation

"Start to change your life!".The new social project.

A new social project to support the Public Association "Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind"

Social project on social adaptation of blind people for independent living, within support and provision of charitable assistance from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the Kyrgyz Republic (EBRD Community Initiative).


1. Beneficiary: Public Association “Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind”.

2. Objective of the project:

a. Social and psychological adaptation of adults with disabilities, through training in alternative skills for independent living.

b. Expansion of the Federation of the Blind, through an increase in the number of trainers from the project graduates.

c. Providing work-places opportunities for project graduates.

3. The term of study of the 1st group - 6 months.

4. The number of participants in one group - 10-12 people.

5. Total number of groups - 2.

6. Total participants for 1 year - 22 students.

7. The period of the project is from June 2019 to July 2020.

8. Total trained new instructors - 4 people.

9. The co-financing of the project - Apake Foundation - 1,600,000 soms.

10. The project partners are EBRD, Mol Bulak company.


The Public Association "Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind" appealed to the Fund with a request to provide sponsorship and assistance in the implementation of a social project aimed at adapting blind people in the society.

A group of active young blind instructors who have overcome fear, constraint and stereotypes help other blind from Kyrgyzstan to enjoy the lives of ordinary people.

In the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in Bishkek, the foundation looked into the initiative and supported the activity of people with visual impairments to learn how to live independently. Our activity is aimed at co-financing the complex special training, free for participants, along with instructors from the PA “Kyrgyz Federation of the Blinds”.

The program consists of five subjects: writing and reading Braille is a special technique for the blind, orientation in open space with a white long walking stick, computer skills training, use of the Internet, smartphones. In addition, self-care skills for living at home. This includes cooking, cleaning, laundry and other household needs. They will also teach Russian and English so that participants can freely use modern technology. Participants are involved in sports - the guys play bowling, ride tandem bikes, go-karts, go to the climbing wall, go swimming, participate in marathons, run, visit public places - restaurants, cafes, cinemas.

Studying on this program, blind people learn to think positively, to live and develop independently. Classes are held every day from nine in the morning to six in the evening. All subjects are interconnected, the lesson plan is built according to the abilities of the participants.

Thanks to this training, blind people begin to feel life differently. Studying modern adapted technologies, based on the campus model, blind people increase self-confidence, they are motivated to receive a profession, and by their example inspire other PWDs who have lost their meaning in life.

 PF “Apake”, together with our general partner, Mol Bulak company, plans to organize the possible further employment of the most promising and capable graduates of this program.