"Points of View" is a new social project for blind

"Points of View" is a new social project for blind

06 March 2020

About the needs of the blind
In 2020, Apake Foundation has decided to support a new project of the Kyrgyz Federation of the Blind. The program for the social adaptation of people with visual impairments, which we have supported last year, has a course on teaching reading and writing using Braille. However, our country does not have enough necessary literature for blind people. In this regard, The Federation instructors have to used a limited book fund and are decided to prepare by themself textbooks for students of the program.

About Application

A new project aims to create access for blind to information and general cultural education. Together with the initiators of this project, the leaders of the Federation of the Blind, who have prepared the technical base and software for computer printing of Braille books, we plan to launch the process of automated production of publications. Thus, we will provide the blind with a unique library fund of national and foreign publications on general education, personal development and social adaptation of the blind.

About the Budget
The project is designed for one year, with a total cost of about 700 thousand soms. During this period, the library fund for the blind will have 600 new Braille books. This library will improve the quality of training process and increase the general educational level of special library users.

We thank every donor who supports and trusts our Foundation and invites everyone who wants to do good deeds!

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