The status of Radiotherapy Center project - March 23, 2019

The status of Radiotherapy Center project - March 23, 2019

27 March 2019


See the details on the Radiotherapy Center project on instagram @trillionerov and on Babur Tolbaev's youtube channel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Apake"! 

In January 2017, I promised to find an investor for the purchase of the linear accelerator. I wanted to do it in one year, based on many prerequisites for this, but, unfortunately, it took twice as long.  As a result, I am glad that this project is starting to be implemented, and the entire amount for the linear accelerator is already available, and we have found investors! As I wrote earlier, our company, "Mol Bulak", allocates most of the funds, and approximately ¼ are allocated very good brothers and friends, for which I am immensely grateful to them. One of them, a very socially responsible entrepreneur of our country - Akunbekov Erlist, he allocates an impressive amount, and the second, also no less socially responsible businessman - Mr. MA. (asked not to specify his name).

To start the Radiotherapy Center project, you need not only an accelerator, but also location, doctors/clinic, bunker, CT scanner and other special equipment and materials. For example, we need a special computer tomograph, which also costs at least $ 500,000. So, the work goes! And we hope for the support of the Government, the City Hall and all other government agencies and individuals. I also ask all my subscribers, friends, colleagues and partners to share this post. 

The linear accelerator is one topic, and we are closing this question, now I want to remind you that we have quite a few friends and partners who promised to support this project of the Radiotherapy Center with building materials, construction and other necessary materials and resources. Now is your way out! Please mobilize, friends! It remains a little bit. We will be grateful for repost in social media. my instagram @trillionerov


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