23 April 2020

About the project

An initiative group of entrepreneurs and philanthropists with the Republican headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection and the Ministry of Health together with the network “Bonetsry Laboratory” launched the system of mass laboratory diagnosis COVID-19 at the new, specially created for the project production base “Laboratory of Viral Research and Rare Infections” at the Republican Center for Quarantine and Highly Infectious Infections of the Ministry Health Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to the project, in the first stage, a laboratory diagnostic system will be deployed based on 10 thousand tests by the PCR method.

About the diagnostic procedure

According to the general director of "Bonetsky Labaratory" company Artem Lyzhin, the delivery of citizens' tests for laboratory research will be carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic according to the established procedure. “We have been involved in this project for almost one month, we have done a lot of work. The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic provided great support to us. In the framework of the signed contract, we use a room that meets all the requirements and standards. we are ready now to conduct 3 thousand 55 free PCR tests for coronavirus infection. First of all, we will be focused on socially vulnerable segments of the population; these will be doctors, possibly law enforcement officers. We give the right of choice to the Ministry of Health and, by their decision, we will conduct tests in the laboratory, ”said Mr. Lyzhin.

About sponsorship

The project will be fully implemented through donations from entrepreneurs and philanthropists. The first sponsor to respond to this initiative is Babur Tolbaev, General Director of "M Bulak" microcredit company. The company has already donated $ 65 thousand for the purchase of reagents, as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) and $ 61 thousand as a purchase of the necessary technological equipment.

Today, the company "M Bulak" on the day of the launch of the project decided to allocate an additional $ 35 thousand for reagents. The total contribution of M Bulak is $ 161 thousand. All this donation has already allowed to build a system of mass diagnosis of viral infection to help state laboratories.

About crowdfunding

We invite everyone to join and make a contribution! Every citizen and every company can become a sponsor!
The speech by Babur Tolbaev, General Director of "M Bulak" Company, project sponsor is here!

Details of Apake Foundation for those wishing to become a sponsor:
SOM account
Recipient Name: Apake Public Foundation
Beneficiary Account: 1180000087356386
Beneficiary's Bank: CJSC "DIKB-Glavny"

Dollar account
Recipient Name: Apake Public Foundation
Beneficiary Account: 1280016037703004
Beneficiary's Bank: Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank CJSC, Kyrgyz Republic

Read more about the status of the project also on akchabar!

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