MegaPay is with us!

MegaPay is with us!

09 June 2022

Dear friends! Our partner in crowdfunding has become MegaPay, mobile wallet! Now users of «MegaCom» mobile network can quickly and efficiently support our projects through mobile wallet of this provider!

We are for transparent reporting! All your donations are automatically displayed on our To check your transactions on the site, you just need to enter your phone number in the search engine and get the verification code. We are an example of exceptional openness to our donors and beneficiaries, so we use the business image of a decent public organization!

Благодарим MegaPay за сопричастность к благим делам и предоставление услуги без комиссии! Благодарим вас, дорогие наши дарители за доверие и крепкую дружбу с «Апаке»!

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