22 June 2018

The first day of June 2018, Apake Foundation spent in Osh. Together with the partner from Kazakhstan, represented by the leadership and doctors of "Sunkar" Medical Clinic and the Interregional Oncology Center of Osh, we met with representatives of the regional government.

So, we decided to build a Radiotherapy Center in Osh. This decision was made by us with the aim of contributing to the State Program for the Development of Regions, as well as with the goal of opening access to quality treatment for patients of the southern part of the country. After all, about 60% of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic lives in the south.

At the meeting with representatives of the regional executive authorities, we announced that the Radiotherapy Center, which is planned to be located on the territory of the Interregional Oncology Center of Osh, should be considered as an integral part of complex oncological treatment of patients. Radiotherapy does not preclude, but is an additional component, together with a surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment.

A linear accelerator with a built-in computer tomograph, on which radiotherapy will be performed, is a top-notch device. A distinctive feature of a linear accelerator from gamma rays is that irradiation is carried out strictly along the contour of the tumor, ensuring the protection of other vital organs from irradiation. We had a chance to see how the linear accelerator works during our visit to Sunkar Oncology Center, a month earlier.

With the use of radiotherapy, the amount of chemotherapy will drop by 30%, which will lead to saving  patients' immune system. Treatment at the Radiotherapy Center will provide an opportunity for outpatient treatment and allow quick return to work. Radiotherapy is a gentle treatment tool, it reduces the level of complications after treatment.

In addition to the description of the project, at the meeting we discussed the current problems in the oncological service of Kyrgyzstan. Everyone understands that in order to achieve a large-scale ultimate goal of the state, namely improving the quality of life and health of the population and reducing mortality, it is necessary to develop early diagnostics of oncological diseases. In the early stages of malignant tumors, radiotherapy makes it possible to cure up to 99% of cases.

Before the start of the project,  we organized free consultations from the radiologists of  Sunkar Oncology Center for clinical cases of current patients in Kyrgyzstan. June 22 is the last day to get an appointment for a consultation in Bishkek or Osh. On June 23-24, doctors from Kazakhstan will arrive to consult patients.

In the near future, we want to organize a "medical caravan" for the early diagnosis of cancer in the regions of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, while there is going to be a construction of a new center in Osh, multidisciplinary teams are planned for patients of the Interregional Oncology Center of Osh with the participation of radiologists from Kazakhstan to prepare medical reports. If necessary, in radiotherapy, "Sunkar" Oncology Center is ready to provide treatment to patients at its base at a reduced cost. The partner of the foundation, the microcredit company "Mol Bulak Finance", will provide concessional financing to patients interested in treatment, according to Islamic principles of financing, and assume the costs of transfer, accommodation and nutrition of the patient.