Winners of the Competition

Winners of the Competition

23 April 2024

1st place - "Inclusive Theater". Prize: 300,000 soms.
Idea author: Larisa Kuznetsova, Osh city.

The "Inclusive Theater" serves as a platform for developing the creative potential of children with disabilities and youth from socially vulnerable groups. This initiative, which has been operating in the city of Osh for several years, collaborates with numerous public, private, and governmental organizations, achieving synergy in promoting inclusive education.

Furthermore, within the project, methodological manuals on acting skills have been developed to launch inclusive theaters in general education institutions. This initiative involves over 300 people, including students, their parents, social educators, and youth with special needs.

2nd place - "Kөrкөm muras". Prize: 200,000 soms.
Idea author: Akzhibek Beishebaeva, Bishkek city.

"Kөrкөm muras" is the creation of educational videos about Kyrgyz visual art, its finest works, and significant artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, with subtitles in multiple languages. This initiative contributes to raising the level of cultural awareness, allowing people to learn about the best works and significant artists of the country, thereby contributing to the preservation and promotion of Kyrgyzstan's cultural heritage.

This project has educational potential: the videos will be informative and inspiring, stimulating interest in visual art and contributing to its study. This approach enriches educational experience and fosters creative thinking. Additionally, this idea is innovative as it utilizes modern communication tools to popularize culture and opens new avenues of access to art, increasing its accessibility to various segments of the population. Thus, this initiative plays a key role in developing the cultural environment, promoting education, innovation, and inclusivity in society.

3rd place - "Dance for All!". Prize: 150,000 soms.
Idea author: Lyudmila Lobasenko, Bishkek city.

The "Dance for All!" project aims to create a dance education system in groups where children with disabilities participate and perform alongside their parents. The uniqueness of this idea lies in the socialization of special children, changing society's perception of children with disabilities and their families.

Dance, especially when there is a special child in the family, promotes bonding, emotional balance, support, and coordination of movements. Children in group dances acquire new skills, learn to perform on stage, take responsibility for themselves, their partners, and the entire dance team.

Additionally, as part of the initiative, costume sketches for performances have been created, which will be sewn using the kurak method, a unique combination of an ecological approach to fabric and rich cultural heritage passed down through generations. Thus, the project will become a cross-cultural initiative aimed at spreading cultural literacy among people of all ages, professions, social groups, ethnicities, and physical characteristics.

4th place - "Es Al". Prize: 100,000 soms.
Idea author: Kanyshay Talantbekova, Bishkek city.

We create designer national youth clothing and accessories from recycled textiles in collaboration with a sewing workshop where women who have survived oncological diseases work. This initiative not only contributes to the development of ethnic fashion but also helps to preserve the environment and supports the social well-being of vulnerable population groups. Thanks to this project, craftswomen who have gone through the struggle with cancer, as well as those still in it, have the opportunity to earn money and access necessary medications.

"Es Al" is not only a response to two important problems facing Kyrgyzstan - the problem of non-recyclable waste, especially textiles, and financial support for women battling a serious illness, but also an example of promoting sustainable fashion and caring for social responsibility.

5th place - "Kyrgyz Өrүm". Prize: 100,000 soms.
Idea author: Aizhamal Nasirdinova, London (United Kingdom).

"Kyrgyz Өrүm" is a contemporary theatrical production inspired by the great Kyrgyz legends of the goddess Umai Ene. The project combines Kyrgyz legends, braiding, traditional music, and costumes, making it authentic, and the directorial work aims to merge traditions and innovations using a physical approach to narratives of the past.

The plan is to launch a live broadcast of the play on various online and television platforms to make the content accessible to everyone regardless of location, as well as to tour all regions of Kyrgyzstan as part of a theatrical tour.

The project uses an innovative method of work - devising, where each participant contributes their input. The project initiators will conduct free training on this method for all interested parties to facilitate the exchange of experience and the development of innovations in art.

6th place - "KG_DUB". Prize: 100,000 soms.
Idea author: Muslimankul Abdyrahmanov, Kyzyl-Kiya city.

"KG_DUB". The idea of ​​professional dubbing is the art of transferring the original speech and emotions of actors into Kyrgyz, while preserving all the semantic load and atmosphere of the original content. Dubbed video materials provide access to a wide audience who do not speak other languages, allowing them to immerse themselves in previously incomprehensible content. Quality dubbing also expands educational opportunities and provides access to enriching knowledge, language, and other skills.

The uniqueness of this initiative lies in the fact that the idea author skillfully selects the voice tone considering emotions and articulation, dubbing films, podcasts, cartoons, and other video materials. Additionally, he independently prepares the corresponding translation into Kyrgyz, taking into account the overall concept and plot of the video material.

7th place - Digital Gallery "DOM". Prize: 50,000 soms.
Idea author: Kemal Kalimov, Bishkek city.

The idea of "Digital Gallery 'DOM'" is a unique journey through time and space that not only enriches our inner world but also unites us through the language of art. This project aims to help Kyrgyz artists promote their works through an online store. The online platform for artists allows them to showcase and sell their works on a global scale, contributing to their professional growth and financial success.

"Digital Gallery 'DOM'" is not just a collection of works but a living history of the people that can be proudly passed on to future generations.