First results from Salam.Ru

First results from Salam.Ru

30 November 2022

In April 2022, Our Foundation with our partner, the Innovation Institute for Intellectual Development and Business Support, opened a new educational center in Osh city. Thanks to Rossotrudnichestvo sponsorship, the center is provided with educational and methodological literature on Russian language study, we bought furniture, equipment, appliances and created conditions for conducting classes.

During the period of operation of the new center, about 193 people were trained.
The total cost of  the first center is 375,350.00 soms.

In November 2022, the second educational center was opened in the village of Shark, Karasu district, Osh region.

330 318 soms were allocated for the development of the second center.

The total cost of the project is 705,668 soms.

Read more about the project here!

Благотворительный социальный проект для детей

Благотворительный проект для детей