Mugalim is at the start!

Mugalim is at the start!

16 September 2021

In August 2020, we, as a team of volunteers, have nitiated a project to help teachers move to distance learning. 

We have developed a training course on the basics of online education, which has been attended by over 1000 teachers.
During the implementation of the project, our team was so inspired by the teachers and their incredible work that today this small initiative has turned into a large project to promote the development of the education system in Kyrgyzstan through the integrated development of teachers.

Today "Mugalim" project is:

Online school for teachers
A platform for the development of a professional community of teachers
Birinchi Mugalim Award

Online courses start on September 27, 2021! Hurry up to become a member! Details are on the project social page and in our posts and stories!

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