28 January 2022

Drawing competition

Dear pupils, students and adults! On behalf of the Chess Federation @chessfederation.kg and PF Apake @apake.kg and @baburtolbaev, we are announcing the Art Competition for the best drawing "Chess through the Eyes of an Artist".

If you like to draw, then you have the talent to depict a deep thought on paper, and that's great! Support our idea, let us create a work in which every viewer can feel the power of this strong intellectual game.


According to the results of the Competition, the 7 best winners will receive cash prizes:
1st place - 20,000 soms.

The competition reward is 51,000 soms!

The seven best entries will receive cash prizes!

Grand Prix - 20,000 soms.

The drawings of the winners of the competition will be published on the foundation's social networks!

The terms of participation

Topic: "Chess through the eyes of an artist"

Technique: no restrictions

Size of works: free

Participation requirements: no restrictions

The deadline for submitting drawings is February 23, 2022!

Send a photo of the drawing to the mail dobro@apake.kg

The original drawing indicating the full name and contacts of the participant can be sent to the address - Bishkek, st. Yunusalieva, 118, Energia Business Center, to the Apake Foundation.

Participants of the competition from villages and cities, you can bring your drawings to the nearest office of the M Bulak company. Our partners from the M Bulak company will arrange delivery to Bishkek.

Sign your drawings - full name, phone number, age of the author of the drawing (you can sign on the back of the picture).
Close / fold / pack the drawings in any package, paper, to protect them from damage.
Bring works to the nearest offices of "M Bulak" until February 23, 2022, inclusive.

!!"Apake" Foundation becomes the copyright owner of all artworks submitted for participation in the Contest. Your participation and the provision of original works is an agreement for the further use of paintings and drawings for the statutory purposes of the foundation and its partners in the project!! We clarify that your first and last name will be indicated in our events!!

We wish you successful participation and achievement of creative victories!

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