21 January 2019

Our dear readers and donors!

We are pleased to show you a video presentation of the results of the social project Birinchi Kadam! You have become an integral part of this noble cause! Thousands of our fellow citizens, from toddlers to the older generation of compatriots, from villagers and citizens, schoolchildren, teachers, doctors and workers, people from different parts of our Motherland have become happier, thanks to your sympathy and active help in improving social life. Ahead we are waiting for great things for the benefit of our country, along with Apake!

Video presentation "Birinchi Kadam"

The Fund received a total of 78 proposals from various parts of Kyrgyzstan, with a request to improve the social life of our fellow citizens. The objective and professional jury, which included 12 members of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, selected only 8 applications for a total of 2,000,000 soms, of which 3 applications were related to drinking water, 3 applications were related to infrastructure, 2 applications were to children. All these objects are presented in the project Birinchi Kadam.

1. The pumping station in the Chonkara village, Batken region was built in 1956. 60 years old pump often broke down and stood idle for a total of six months. Villagers were forced to manually carry water from the river while the obsolete pump was idle. We donated a new piston pump and now more than 4,000 villagers have direct access to drinking water all year round. The cost of this object is 225,000 soms.

2. In the territorial hospital of Sokuluk village, Chui region, about 10,000 patients were treated during the year, about 3,000 babies were born and 1,600 operations were performed. The hospital's food unit did not have the opportunity to feed all inpatients at the same time due to the lack of necessary equipment. We donated a new 160 liter electric food kettle for the non-stop preparation of diet food and a comprehensive recovery of patients. The cost of this object is 144 355 soms.

3. Residents of Ozgorush village, Jalalabad region, have been unable to restore a pedestrian bridge for more than 10 years. The old bridge was a 4 pipe across the river, covered with sand and wood. During the floods, villagers had to drive around the river to get to their neighbors. The foundation reconstructed the old bridge, which connected 3 villages - Ozgorush, Ak-Aryk and Buurakan. Today, more than 11,000 people have received a safe and operational way of movement between villages. The cost of this object is 658 045 soms.

4. Residents of the Mikhailovka village, Issyk-Kul region, addressed the Fund with a request to install barriers for two water intake stations. Fences are needed to protect strategic facilities from damage; for the physical safety of children and animals from electric shock and the risk of water pollution. This task remained unsolved for over 40 years. We brought building materials and completed the application. Today, more than 3,500 villagers will live in safety. The cost of this object is 94 005 soms.

5. In Mantysh village, Naryn region, there is a kindergarten, where for 7 years there was no equipped playground for kids. In the courtyard of the kindergarten there were self-made crafts, not safe for use and there was no well-equipped place where children could spend their leisure time in the open air. We built a new playground and a gazebo, and also bought new lockers for changing rooms to create coziness and comfort for more than 30 kids, their parents and kindergarten staff. An additional bonus from Apake was the gift of street art, which decorated the exterior facade of the house, which became the attraction of the whole village. The cost of this object is 209 976 soms.

6. Residents of Kyzyl-Adyr village, Talas region, have limited access to piped water already for 6 years. The water supply was often turned off for a long time, which led to inconvenience in the home, especially in the summer. The reason for shutdowns was the frequent breakdown of the old pump, which had to be repaired every 10-15 days. The Foundation has acquired a new down hole pump, and now 6,200 villagers use drinking water all year round. The cost of this object is 185 500 soms.

7. The residential area Ak-Bata, near the city of Bishkek, has a only one Secondary school, which was built 10 years ago. In fact, 1,115 schoolchildren study here, in 4 shifts. The school needed modern technical equipment. The Foundation gave the school comfortable student boards for first-graders, as well as a projector and a touch screen for educational use. Now, suburban school teachers will learn new technologies, and students will have the opportunity to develop their visual perception. The cost of this object is 99,320 soms.

8. In the multi-storey building of Kashgar-Kyshtak village, 48 families live near the city of Osh. In the 90s, during the overhaul of this house, all the water pipes were cut off, residents were left without sewage, and the house was in danger of an emergency condition. The old outhouse became unsuitable for use; It was especially difficult for young children and elderly residents. The Foundation built a new outhouse. Today, about 200 people have access to normal hygienic conditions. The cost of this object is 315 002 soms.