Birinchi Kadam is on the way to Sokuluk, Chui Region!

Birinchi Kadam is on the way to Sokuluk, Chui Region!

29 June 2018

On June 25, 2018, our Foundation implemented another application for our social project. The territorial Sokuluk Hospital received a new electric food kettle as a gift. Now, patients receiving treatment at this hospital are provided with non-stop and high-quality hot meals.

Sokuluk Territorial Hospital receives about 10,000 patients annually. The previously existing food kettle in the kitchen, built in 1974, was constantly breaking down, and therefore the hospital could not provide a full-fledged medical service, which shall  include special dietary food, taking into account the requirements of treating patients.

We are sincerely happy to be useful, both to patients of the hospital, and to the staff of the medical institution. We wish everyone to protect your health and enjoy your life!

We thank the community donors of the Foundation for your voluntary donations, thanks to which the quality of medical care has improved!