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Social project "Kundoluk" - digitalization of the school process

Social project "Kundoluk" - digitalization of the school process


This is the first domestic automated information system that integrates students, their parents and teachers into a single electronic system of control over the educational process.

In order to implement the statutory goals of Apake Foundation in the field of education, as part of the national program to digitize processes and ensure the control and safety of children in schools, in order to support socially-oriented entrepreneurial initiatives, our Foundation has reached agreements with the business partner, "Medas Holding" (Kyrgyzstan). For instance, "Medas Holding" proposed to Apake Public Fund to receive 29% of its profit share. This fact is a guarantee of distribution of part of the profits for the implementation of social projects in the regions and for the charitable activities of the Foundation throughout Kyrgyzstan.

"Medas Holding" is a developer of "Kundoluk" software and provider of commercial services for the registration and monitoring of student performance.

"Kundoluk" is a classified educational platform that guarantees information security, confidentiality and database storage, as well as a promising alternative to the transition to digital workflow in general educational organizations.

The advantage of "Kundoluk" among other similar services is that it is the first software developed by Kyrgyz developers that has an independent and flexible policy, fast and easy adaptability to local conditions and the needs of the school and parents, maximum security in the storing database of the platform. At the moment, about 15,000 students from secondary schools in three regions of Kyrgyzstan are registered in "Kundoluk".

The goal of "Kundoluk" project is to improve the process of school education through computerized digitization of accounting and monitoring student performance. The implementation of this project in the school process provides:

  • for parents - constant online monitoring of the attendance, movement, progress and discipline of their children, without leaving home;
  • for teachers - the ability to keep electronic recording and use the electronic database on a single platform, effectively use the database to compile various external reports to government departments, and also to cooperate fully and in a timely manner with school-children's parents for the successful development of children;
  • for school management - to get a management tool and monitor the work of their employees, monitor and analyse quantitative performance indicators, and achieve positive results in the school’s learning process.

The list of project services includes:

An electronic study record book that is filled out by a teacher and is available online for parents, and

Reader identified student cards, which records the entrance / exit of the student in the premises of the school.

The pricing policy for services is focused on the long-term development of business and social activities, and is designed on the basis of the accessibility of the general population, covering the resources spent and all operating expenses and obtaining minimal profit due to the scale of the provided services.

The co-founder of "Medas Holding" is another Public Foundation, "Children's Football Academy", which will use distributed profits to develop sports among children in Kyrgyzstan.

To successfully scaling  and providing high-quality services, "Kundoluk" project supports a social partner, Mol Bulak company, which provides its branch network and assists in promoting the project in the regions.

All our efforts on "Kundoluk" project will be aimed at improving school life and increasing the attractiveness of the educational system in our country.

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