Chyngyz Aliev

Chyngyz Aliev

Chyngyz Aliev

"Helping others has always been a natural desire for me that should be in every person. I always managed to help people individually and not so globally. After getting acquainted with the idea of the project of the Center for Radiotherapy, about its social significance and the fact that this project will work not for profit, but for the benefit of society, I immediately agreed to the proposal of Babur Latikhanovich Tolbaev to lead the Center for Radiation Therapy as the General Director. This is a chance to help people systematically on a large scale. And here in good cause my experience as a leader finally came in handy. And the last but not least we have a dedicated professional team under the leadership of a person with an excellent reputation B.Tolbaev in the Apake Foundation.

God bless that the team of Apake Foundation implements all the planned projects and justifies its mission and the hope of the society ".

Chyngyz Aliyev graduated from IUK with the specialization in economics  and obtained master’s degree  from Academy of Management under the President of KR. He has 11 years of work in the banking sector, ranging from an intern to the head of the Corporate Lending Division and the Director of the Bank Branch.

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