Eldiyar Kenensarov

Eldiyar Kenensarov

Eldiyar Kenensarov

“I want to сontribute to the activities of Apake Foundation because for me it is a real opportunity to invest my desire to help people in the right direction. Sometimes people don’t have enough help and support either moral or material to realize their dreams and the meaning of their life. Having received support in time such person will blow up the space with his activity in a nice way. I believe that our Foundation will provide such support and will be the first step on their way to something big for many people.
John Kennedy's words are very close to me - “Do not ask WHAT a country can do for you; ask what YOU can do for the country."
Having achieved some heights in life, you need to remember to help your fellows climb up there.
Glory is a very ephemeral concept, it’s not real. It just helps me to implement useful things.
I believe that those who strive for success are looking for motivation. Those who do not strive just make excuses. Doing your favorite thing that puts you “on fire” is the best motivation for me.”

Eldiyar Kenensarov graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with a degree in finance and credit. Since childhood I dreamed of playing KVN on a big stage. He is the head of KG Club Production and mC2 Creative Agency. Author, producer, screenwriter and director of the most popular comedy sketch show “Big People” (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, 2010-2013) and the feature film “Big People. Zhol Inclusive ”(Kyrgyzstan, 2014). Author, screenwriter and producer of the popular TV shows “Dorm” (Kyrgyzstan, 2013) and “Adalita” (Kazakhstan, 2016). In 2009 Eldiyar Kenensarov created the local league of KVN Asia Mix, later renamed the KVN League Ala-Too and in 2012 received the official status of the Regional League of the International KVN Union - the only official league in Kyrgyzstan. He is the captain of the KVN team Asia Mix, which in 2016 became the champion of the Higher League as the first Asian team in the history of KVN.

In 2016 he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic” and the Order “Danaker” (as part of the Asia Mix KVN team). The award was presented by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev. 

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